Over the past 35 years from the beginning of establishing this company, it has scored many projects in different and various styles, thanks to the experiment and development of new science that makes this dream to become reality.

This complex claims that it has left lasting effects in every area of luxurious Tehran and now has over 85000 square meters under construction and has put being luxury and safe on top of its priorities.

So far, with the formation of a commercial complex we have constructed residential spaces in high level of quality with special European materials that has been provided and ordered especially for each designed building.

In order to benefit from human resources, we have not only trained experienced and committed manpower for ROYA Group but after many years we can claim that we have achieved a new culture in knowledge and commitment along with experience.

Now these experienced resources especially in engineering field are an honor to this company as they are serving and distributing our goal:" We make your every Dream come true"

Additional effort has helped us to be up to date and be able to achieve any dream we have.

M.J Tehrani